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New!  Pre-Orders No Longer Required



If you would like 1 - 9 bottles, just come to the farm between 6:00am and 9:00pm for self serve.


For 10 bottles or more, please confirm availability by emailing or calling 204-371-6371.





The Details on Our Milk:


Product:  Organic Whole Milk

(Non-Homogenized Cream Line)

Bottle Size:  946mL

Bottle Type:  Returnable Glass

Directions:  See Contact Page

Payment Accepted:  Cash

Prices:  Include Applicable Taxes

Organic Milk: $3.00

Organic Chocolate Milk: $3.50

Glass Bottle Deposit: $2.00

2 Bottle Wire Carrier: $10.00

4 Bottle Wire Carrier: $12.00

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